For information about having your documents served, call the Civil Division at (352) 569-1673 or (352) 569-1663 (Monday - Friday, 8AM-5PM) or visit the division's public window during regular business hours (Monday - Friday, 8AM-5PM) at our office located at 250 E McCollum Ave, Bushnell, FL 33513.

You can also mail your documents with the service fee to the Sumter County Sheriff's Office, Civil Division, 250 E McCollum Ave. Bushnell, FL 33513.

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Civil Division Fees for Service

The established fees for the service of process have been set forth by Florida Statute 30.231 and are nonrefundable.

It is the policy of the Sumter County Sheriff's Office that Personal Checks will not be accepted as a form of payment effective January 1, 2009. Acceptable methods of payment are cash, money order, or cashiers check. Money orders should be made out to: "Sumter County Sheriff's Office". Checks for payment will only be accepted by current members of the Florida Bar.

Documents for service not properly issued, or those with incorrect fees or incorrect payee on money order, will be returned.

As of July 1, 2009 Florida Statue 30.231(4) has changed. The Alias and Pluries civil papers are no longer a free service. The new fee is $40.00.

Type of Service Cost of Service
All Summonses, Subpoenas and Writs (except Executions): Certified or original court-sealed copy of service, and copy with attachments for each party or entity to be served (F.S. 30.231(3)). Electronically filed papers are now accepted. For cases filed in Florida: $40 for each person or entity served
**Out-of-State Non-Enforceable Process: As of April 15, 2008 The Sumter County Sheriff's Office does not serve out-of-state non-enforceable process. You must contact a private process server. The exception to this will be the service of Injunctions for Protection, or other Emergency Orders against Domestic Violence, that are signed by a judge. A list of certified private process servers for this area may be located through a national directory or by visiting the State of Florida's Fifth Judicial Circuit website and clicking Court Administration and then Process Servers.
Witness Subpoenas: Certified or original court-sealed copy of service, and copy with attachments for each party or entity to be served (F.S. 30.231 (3)), unless otherwise directed by the courts $40 for each subpoena, plus check to witness for fees and mileage.
Injunction for Protection (Domestic/Restraining Orders): Requires two original certified injunctions, petition, description sheet, notice of hearing. No Service Fee
All Writs (except Executions requiring seizure of property): $40 service fee and $50 for each levy
Writ of Replevins: Provide complete description of property being seized, serial number or identifying number/trademark, service address where property is located, copy of court order for issuance of writ and copy of bond posted with court. If property is in a locked area, a break order is required. $40 service fee, $50 levy fee. Add an additional $40 service fee for each additional person to be served. Standby Charge: If replevin of property will exceed one hour, a minimum standby charge of $30 per hour per deputy is to be paid in advance (rate assessed in hourly increments with a three hour minimum).
Writ of Possession: Landlord/Tenant or foreclosure along with documents issued from court, name and telephone number of landlord or authorized agent are required. The landlord or agent is responsible for arranging a locksmith to be present when the eviction is finalized if so desired. $90 ($40 service fee, $50 levy). Standby Charge: If a deputy sheriff is requested to stand by for more than one hour, the request must be in writing when the writ is presented for service. Request must be accompanied by a nonrefundable fee of $50 per deputy ($30 per hour, three hour minimum).
Distress Writ: Service only, unless we get an order to levy. $40 for each person served
Writ of Attachment (Body): Two original certified writs, two true copies and a description sheet including race, sex, date of birth, Social Security Number, and photo. $90 ($40 service fee, $50 levy fee).
Writ of Attachment (Property): Provide copy of bond posted with court, copy of court order for issuance of writ and levy instructions listing property being attached (attachment is not a break order; if contents are at a location that is locked, a break order is required). call for fees and cost deposits
Writ of Attachment (Real Estate): Must be accompanied by levy instructions showing legal description and street address. $100 ($40 service fee, $50 levy, $10 release of levy fee) and $40 service fee for each additional person to be served.

Type of Levy Cost of Service
Real Estate: Legal description and street address are required on levy instructions $500 cost deposit plus $50 levy fee
Vehicles: Provide description of vehicle, tag number, vehicle ID number and address where vehicle can be found during normal working hours $2400 cost deposit
Assets of Business: Must provide specific inventory of business assets Call for fees and cost deposit
Personal Assets: Can levy if person is single. If married, the judgment must be against both husband and wife. Provide specific inventory of household furnishings Call for fees and cost deposit
Jewelry or Stock Certificates: Defendant must voluntarily turn over inventory $500 cost deposit plus $50 levy fee
Boats: Provide location of boat, description and size, name of boat, Florida and decal number or documentation number and port of documentation. Also advise whether boat is in or out of water Call for fees and cost deposit
Airplanes: Provide description of airplane, location and aircraft registration number Call for fees and cost deposit


When sending in levy instructions, the following additional information is required to mail out sales notices after levy: name and address of attorney of record for defendant and current or last known address of defendant or other parties who should be notified of sale. When estimating cost deposits, a standby charge of $30 per hour per deputy (rate assessed in hourly increments with a three hour minimum) will be included in the estimate to cover the deputy's time at the location after the first hour. These cost deposits are an estimate of anticipated charges; if actual charges exceed the estimate, additional funds must be paid immediately upon request.