For information about having your documents served, call the Civil Division at 352) 569-1673 or (352) 569-1663 (Monday - Friday, 8AM-5PM) or visit the division's public window during regular business hours (Monday - Friday, 8AM-5PM) at our office located at 207 E Anderson Ave, Bushnell, FL 33513.

You can also mail your documents with the service fee to the Sumter County Sheriff's Office, Civil Division, 1010 N Main Street Bushnell, FL 33513.

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In the early morning hours of Sunday June 17, 1979, the Webster Fire Department responded to a report of a residential structure fire at the home of 89 year old Addie Torrance. The body of Addie Torrance was later found inside of her bedroom. Her death was...


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Protecting Yourself After a Protection Order
Has Been Issued

Immediately report each and every violation of the restraining order.

  • Keep your Protection Order document with you at all times and give a copy to your children's schools.
  • Change the locks on the doors, replace any weak doors (metal doors are better than wood) and reinforce sliding glass doors by installing a lock or placing a piece of wood in the track.
  • Add interior window locks so that windows can't be opened from the outside
  • Install a security system or speak to someone at your local hardware store for less expensive alternatives; install motion-sensitive lighting outside your home
  • Plan an emergency escape route from all areas of your home, including upstairs, and make sure all family members are aware of the plan.
  • Save any threatening emails or voicemail messages.
  • Teach children how and when to call 911. If possible, obtain a cellular telephone and take it with you as you travel to different rooms in your residence, particularly when you go to sleep at night.
  • Teach your children how to make a collect call to you or family members in case they are abducted. Tell your children not to unlock the door if the respondent tries to get into your home
  • Include family pets or other animals in your safety and escape plans. Animals are often targeted (threatened with harm, cruelly injured, or killed) by a batterer or stalker as a means of controlling, terrorizing or punishing human victims. If it is not safe for you to remain at home, it is likely not safe for your animals, either.
  • Make sure your friends are informed of your situation and if possible, create a signal to let them know if you are in danger.
  • Ask your neighbors to call the police if they see the abuser at your house; make a signal for them to call the police, for example, if the phone rings twice, a shade is pulled down or a light is on.
  • Inform your employer and supervisor of the existence of the restraining order and of any concerns you may have for your safety at your place of employment.
  • Leave work in the company of at least one other co-worker.
  • Park in an area that is well lighted and/or where there are other people around.
  • Keep your vehicle doors locked at all times.
  • Always keep a minimum of a half tank of gas in your car.
  • Change any routines (i.e. stopping at a particular store on the way to or from work).
  • Alter your route to and from work.
  • Use different grocery stores and shopping malls; regularly change the hours you shop to avoid detection of a routine.
  • Avoid alcohol and/or drugs as they can affect your ability to react quickly and make rational decisions.
  • Avoid walking in unlit or isolated areas.
  • If you are being followed while driving or riding in a vehicle, proceed to the nearest police station or look for a police officer - do not drive home.
  • Try to stay away from places that the abuser frequents.
  • If you have a "gut feeling" that something isn't right, don't second guess the feeling - go with it.