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Detention Center Frequently Asked Questions:

Intake Procedures / Accounts / Fees

When you or someone you know is arrested, the money the inmate has on them at that time will be deposited into an account, less a $20.00 subsistence fee. The defendant may then withdraw from the account to purchase items from commissary, have elective medical / dental treatment. All other property that enters the facility will be itemized and stored until the defendant's release. Any item of property that can be used as a weapon is not stored at the facility. If the arresting officer retains any property as evidence, that property will be stored at the Sheriff's Administrative Office (Evidence/Property Division) located at 250 E McCollum Ave, Bushnell, FL 33513.

A lot of questions may be answered by reviewing the inmate handbook available below.

Q. If the arrestee has no money, will they receive any personal hygiene items or other supplies?

A. Yes. Inmates are provided basic personal hygiene supplies and they also receive materials with which to communicate with friends or family by mail.

Q. How do I deposit money into an inmate's account?

A. Money can be deposited in the kiosk in the public lobby of the intake/release facility (available 24/7) or the kiosk at the visitation center (visitation hours only). The kiosks will accept cash, debit and credit card transactions. Please be advised that these kiosks are for deposits only and will not dispense cash. You may also deposit money online by going to the Commissary Deposit Website .

Q. Upon release, how do the arrested get the money out of their account?

A. All money that enters the detention facility is immediately deposited into an account for the inmate. Upon the release of the inmate, they will receive the balance of their account on a debit card.

Q. Can an inmate release any of his personal property to someone?

A. The only property we release are keys, credit cards or money for bail. An exception is made for those sentenced to DOC, they can release all of their property. All requests to release funds or property may only be made by the inmate.

Phone Privileges / Mail

When someone has been arrested he / she has the right to make reasonable contact with whomever they choose. Collect phone calls are permitted for all persons who have been arrested. If this call is to a bonding agent registered with the Sumter County Sheriff's Office, this call will be free. The first call is permitted immediately following the intake process. Depending on circumstances, this could potentially take some time. Please be patient. After that time, phone privileges in the housing areas are permitted from 7AM-11PM excluding inmate count times or emergencies.

Q. Can the inmate call a friend / family member who is housed in the detention center?

A. No. All calls are outgoing only. The only method of contact for them would be through the mail. The mailing address is (Defendant's Name), 219 E Anderson Avenue Bushnell, FL 33513.

Q. How does an arrested person make a phone call to a phone if there is a block on it to prevent collect calls?

A. If the phone company has put a block on the phone because of unpaid bills, the owner of the phone must contact their phone company to have the block removed. For other blocking issues, Call (352) 569-1700 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8AM and 5PM.

Q. If I want my phone to be blocked to deny phone calls from the detention center, what do I do?

A. Call (352) 569-1700 Monday through Friday between 8AM and 5PM. If you want your phone unblocked from the detention center, call the same number and someone will assist you.

Q. What mail can be received by an inmate?

A. Effective December 19, 2018 the only mail inmates will be allowed to receive through the USPS will be postcards or legal material. In order to send inmates pictures or longer messages please use Securus e-messaging. You can register for Securus Technologies here.


During incarceration periods, visitation is permitted. The inmate must submit a request, listing who he / she would like to have on their visitor list. This requires the name and date of birth of each visitor. Once the visitation list is approved, (usually within 72 hours of being submitted by the inmate), the visitor may visit the inmate. Changes to the visitor list may occur only once every thirty days. If you are not on the approved visitors list, you will not be allowed to visit the inmate. To request to be added to an inmate's list, you must contact the inmate by mail.

The Video Visitation Center is located at 404 East Anderson Avenue, Bushnell, FL 33513, Located across the street from the Sumter County Public Works facility and behind the Sumter County Health Department.

Q. Are there any circumstances in which a special visit may occur?

A. Yes. A special visit for extenuating circumstances must be approved by the jail administrator or their designee. Any questions regarding a special visit please call (352) 569-1700.

Bond Amounts / Advisory / First Appearance Hearings

When someone is arrested, bond amounts are determined by a schedule set by the courts. Domestic related charges are not entitled to a bond until seen by a judge. If the arrest resulted from an outstanding warrant, the bond amount is set by the judge who signed the warrant. If the person arrested remains in custody long enough, the arrested will attend their first appearance (Advisory Hearing). During this hearing, the judge may set a new bond amount or leave it the same.

Q. Is the bond amount negotiable?

A. No. The arresting officer will record the bond amount based upon an established bond schedule as determined by the appropriate judicial authority.

Q. The defendant was arrested on a domestic related charge and not able to bond out until after they see a judge. How long will it take to see the judge?

A. The arrestee will go before the judge for a first appearance hearing within 24 hours of their arrest. At this time the judge will review the charges and the bond amount. The judge has the option to change the bond amount or leave it the same.

Release Procedures

Each day, the Release Desk will experience various types of releases. For example, some will bond out with cash while others may use the services of a bonding agent. Some may be released because they have served their sentence, have been sentenced to probation or released to other counties.

Q. I don't know any bonding agents, can you recommend one for me?

A. No, the Sheriff's Office is prohibited by Florida Statute from recommending a bonding agent. You can find a bonding agent listed in the telephone directory or they are posted next to the telephones in the detention facility and inside the public lobby.

Q. I paid for a bond through a bonding agent a long time ago. Why hasn't the arrestee been released?

A. If you have a question regarding a bond, please contact your bonding agent. Many times, we do not receive the bond for several hours. If the bonding agent makes an error on the bond, they must make the correction prior to a release taking effect. These are circumstances beyond our control and the Sheriff's Office is prohibited by Florida statute to change, alter, or correct the documents.

Q. A bond was paid before the arrestee surrendered, how long will it take for them to be released?

A. The answer to the previous question applies. In addition, if the arrestee turns themselves in on a warrant, they will be processed in and released the same way as those arrested under other circumstances.

Q. The arrestee went to court and the judge released them, how long will it take for them to be released?

A. When a judge releases someone from custody they will be released as soon as the Sheriff's Office has been properly notified. The Clerk of the Court must provide the proper documentation before release of an inmate can be initiated. The documentation must then be delivered to the Intake / Release unit. The releases are then completed as they are received in Booking.