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On July 27, 1976, at approximately 10:12AM, the skeletal remains of 17 year old Marilyn Elizabeth McKenzia were discovered in a wooded lot off of Jackson Street in Wildwood, Florida. She was possibly last seen in the Wildwood area getting into a 1970's mod...


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Sex Offender Information

1. When must a Sexual Predator/Offender register?

They must report in person to the local Sheriff's office within 48 hours of establishing a residence in the State of Florida or within 48 hours of release from custody of supervision of Department of Corrections, Department of Children & Family Services or Department of Juvenile Justice.

2. How often do Sexual Predators/Offenders have to register?

Some Sexual Offenders must register during their birth month and again six months later. Some are required to register during their birth month and again every third month. Sexual Predators are required to register four times a year.

3. Who is notified in the community of a predators presence?

Law Enforcement agencies must inform members of the community of a Sexual Predator's presence in a neighborhood. This must be done within 48 hours after receiving notification of his/her presence. It must be within a one mile radius to include all schools, day care centers and persons in the community.

4. How often do Sexual Offenders/Predators addresses get verified?

The Sumter County Sheriff's Office verifies Sexual Offender addresses who register twice a year by visiting the residence twice a year. Sexual Predators (and Sexual Offenders who are required to register four times a year) are contacted by visiting the residence four times a year.

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