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Canine Unit

The Canine Unit is a relatively new addition to the Sheriff's Office. Canine teams are called on to support building and area searches, evidence and article searches, victim and missing person searches, bomb and narcotic searches, suspect tracking and other duties where dogs and their handlers can provide unique assistance.

Sgt. Clark and Ukon

DS Clark with Ukon Ukon was born on 11/27/2015 in Metzingen, Germany and began his training 01/08/2018 with Sumter County Sheriff's Office.

Upon completion of his training, Ukon will be a dual purpose working dog, which includes narcotic detection, criminal apprehension, building/area searching and tracking.

Ukon will have to complete his training and pass his FDLE certification before he begins his service with the Sumter County Sheriff's Office.

Deputy Sheriff Franklin and Mace

DS Franklin with Mace Mace was born 08/17/2011 Mace is a full service Dutch Shepherd Police Canine. Mace was imported from Europe and has been in service with the Sheriff's office since October 2013. Mace has been trained to passive alert to the presence or recent presence of controlled substances to include Cannabis, Cocaine Base, Cocaine HCL, Heroin, and Methamphetamines and has proven to be very reliable in that detection. Canine Mace undergoes continuous training on a weekly basis with Deputy Selby Franklin in the detection of controlled substances. This continuous training is completed with the use of certified narcotics issued by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration as required by law.

Mace was recently deployed to conduct a free air sniff of a vehicle in which 4 kilos of heroin was found hidden in the vehicle.

Deputy Sheriff Reeves and Saro

K-9 Saro was born on April 25, 2016 in European Union, Hungary and he was purchased by the Sumter County Sheriff's Office in August of 2017.

DS Reeves with Saro K-9 Saro is a full service K-9 trained in narcotics detection, fugitive apprehension and tracking. K-9 Saro is one of the newest members of the Sheriff's Office K-9 Unit and completed his training at Southern Coast K-9 Incorporated (formally AMK9), located in New Smyrna Beach, Florida in October of 2017. In October of 2017, K-9 Saro was tested under the standards set forth by the United States Police K-9 Association for drug detection and achieved the desired rating of excellence. Then in November of 2017, K-9 Saro was tested under the standards set forth by The National Narcotic Detector Dog Association, Incorporated (NNDDA) and successfully passed.

Since K-9 Saro has been on the road, he has had several deployments in fugitive apprehensions and locating illegal narcotics.

Deputy Sheriff Causey and Voodoo

DS Causey with Voodoo Voodoo was born on 03/10/2012 in Germany and is a full service K-9 trained in narcotic detection, criminal apprehension, tracking and evidence recovery.

Voodoo is a German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix breed. Causey and Voodoo are currently assigned to a shift where they locate narcotics, fleeing criminals or missing persons. Voodoo and Causey certified as a K-9 team in June 2015.

Deputy Sheriff Garrity and Benny

DS Garrity with Benny Benny was born 10/10/2014 in Slovakia and has been in service with the Sheriff's Office since March 2016. Benny is a full service K-9 which includes narcotics detection, tracking and fugitive apprehension. Benny is one of the newer additions to the full serive K-9 Unit. In his first month out Benny apprehended a burglary suspect in Lake Panasoffkee after tracking him on grass and asphalt. The suspect was surrendered and was eventually arrested and charged.

Deputy Sheriff Lamb and Chloe

DS Lamb and Chloe Chloe was born 01/05/2009 in Lake Butler, Florida. She is the half-sister to Detention Bloodhound Albert(retired 2017).

Detention Bloodhound Libby

K-9 Libby Libby was born in 2012 at the Department of Corrections in Sumter County, Fl. Libby came to the Sumter County Sheriff's Office in 2014, she is trained in tracking.

Detention Bloodhound Dallas

K-9 Dallas Dallas was born in 2016, in Hardee County, FL. The Sumter County Sheriff's Office obtained Dallas from Hardee County. Dallas was named by the Citizens of Sumter County through a Social Media Campaign. His name was chosen to honor the fallen officers who were attacked in Dallas, TX. He is still a puppy and undergoing training to be a full-fledged working K9 Bloodhound.

Detention K-9 Bundas

K-9 Bundas Bundas began with the Sheriff's Office in 2017. He is unique to our K-9 unit. Bundas is one of the newest additions to the Sumter County Detention Center K-9 Division. Bundas locates drugs and cell-phones in the Detention Center.

Detention Bloodhound Russo

K-9 Russo Russo was born in 2017 in Lafayette County, FL. The Sumter County Sheriff's Office obtained Russo from Mayo Correctional Institute. Russo was named for Correctional Officer Jimmy Russo who passed away tragically in a car accident in 2016. He is still a puppy and undergoing training to be a full-fledged working K9 Bloodhound.